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I Made $535 In 24 Hours With One Promotion – Here’s How

December 15, 2014 @ 4:47 pm
by Jeremy Kennedy

I wanted to share with you the results of my affiliate email promotion from yesterday and break down what I did.

So here’s a screenshot of the stats, this is within a 24 hour period:


Click here to see the product I was promoting.

Now, let me explain the tracking codes and how I used them and why.

Tracking is king.
Knowing your stats helps you zero in on what is working the best and focus your energy on that.

So in the email above, you’ll see I track the links in every individual email using tracking codes in WarriorPlus.

Codes I used:
“live” is the email I send as soon as it goes live “Hey, it just went LIVE”, etc.
“pre” is my “presell” email(s).
“yt” is the link I use on YouTube for my affiliate promo video
“n/a” means a link that has no tracking code attached (you see I ALWAYS use on)

You see, I want to know the stats from every source of traffic and angle.
Now I know what to focus my attention on the most.

In this case, you’ll notice that this makes a strong point about making sure you presell a product before it goes live.
Almost half the sales came from adding my link inside my presell emails.

Basically I put in the email something like:
“Click here AFTER 5pm est (not before)”

This does 2 things.
#1 People are going to click that link BEFORE 5. And when they do, W+ cookies them to your link.
#2 A lot of people saw James email first on live, so they knew when it went live, BUT they wanted my bonus so they went to the last email I sent them with the link in it and then bought through my link.

Which brings us to lesson #2… Have good bonuses.

“Awesome” bonuses can skyrocket your conversion rate with minimal effort.
In my case I offered 10% cash back after their purchase in addition to two other bonuses..
My cliff notes of the product itself, and a pack of 300 royalty free audio files.

I also want to point out that I only sent the emails to 2,076 people on my list.
I have around 8,000 total but most are not responsive.

So what I do is I create a segment in my autoresponder of only people who’ve open and clicked on one of my emails within the last 3 months. That turned out to be 2,076 people.

By focusing only on those people a few things happen.

My delivery rate from GetResponse goes up.
My stats are more real and show higher percentages and conversions.
I’m not wasting resources sending to people who aren’t responsive.

This ultimately means: Core followers + more sales + more money.

Lastly, I shot a quick, VERY simple video using Powerpoint and uploaded it to YouTube.

Now you can see in the screenshot above that I’ve already made 2 sales just from that video¬†that took me 10 minutes to make.

Here’s a link to that video:¬†http://youtu.be/BEaVxSeP5og

You can see how simple it is.

This is an important point that you should be doing video and utilizing YouTube. People search for reviews and bonuses on YouTube for every kind of product imaginable.

It’s so easy to make a simple videos with tools like Animoto and Powerpoint and Screenflow. There really is no excuse, it works.

Hopefully this post gave you a few ideas, let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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  • Ray

    Excellent points, Jeremy, and a very good sales
    response for you. I’ll be using video more and
    more going forward.

    • Jeremy Kennedy


  • Great little case study Jeremy.. I like how you have broken everything down it kept things really simple.

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      Simple is the key. It may all look complicated but it’s all very simple. Thanks!

  • Les

    I really like this case study, I hope you do some more case studies, Great numbers by the way!
    Thanks again,

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      I do plan to do more case studies actually. Thanks!

  • Hi Jeremy, thanks for the post. Just a quick question..was this case study based on a single mailing? Did you blast to your list a second time to target those that didn’t get round to opening first shot? and also did your case study take into consideration mailing times for time zones?

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      That was over the course of 1 presell email and 3 promotional emails.
      I mail from the EST time zone. Every list is different but I find my list most responsive when I mail at 5am EST & 5pm EST & 10pm EST.