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Here’s Why You Aren’t Making Any Money Online

December 16, 2014 @ 5:45 pm
by Jeremy Kennedy

You may be wondering why you’ve “tried” everything under the sun and nothing seems to work. I can tell you right now it’s because your focus is in the wrong direction.

You are likely doing one program to the next, to the next, to the next.
Or if you are like me… info reports just get my engines going.

After all, it’s fun and exciting to discover the new and various ways people are making money.
It’s just interesting to me. I love it.

So yea, I’ll be happy to admit I buy a lot of info products, and I eat them up.

But there is 1 thing in particular that I believe holds most people back.

It’s the most simple thing around. The most common thing you hear about.
Yet I find that 90% of the people I talk to who are trying to make it online lack this one key thing:

They don’t have an email list.

OR They are building it the wrong way

OR They are sending the wrong message to their list.

It’s not at all as hard as you think but it’s one of the most fundamental parts on online business.
Email is still the reining King for accessing your customers at will.

With an email list you literally have highly targeted traffic on demand.
See people always looking for traffic? You can generate your OWN traffic with a list.

You want to test a new sales page? Mail your list.
You want highly valuable feedback? Mail your list.
You want to send a friend some traffic? Mail your list.
You need to pay a bill this weekend? Mail your list.

Traffic on demand brings sales on demand. It brings cash on demand. Meaning money right what you need it.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been a situation where I was like several hundred dollars in need of paying my rent the next day or the lights 2 months past due shutoff tomorrow, etc.

But there was my list. Oh, a thing of beauty. I send a few emails out and it pays those bills… RIGHT when I need it most.

In my last post I shared this screenshot where I earned $535 in a single day just from sending a couple of emails to my list.

My subscribers have saved my ass more times than I can count.

That’s also why I really care about my customers and subscribers. These same people actually read my emails, and they actually buy stuff from me on a regular basis.

It’s really crazy to think about. These people are like your family. They are actually paying your bills, feeding your own family. You should be very dear to them and thank them and truly help them in whatever it is they are trying to acheive.

But HOW do you build a list?

It’s really very simple.
You create a small, short piece of content in whatever it is you are into.

It could be a short article saved as a PDF, or a simple screencast video. It could be anything.

It does not matter WHAT your niche is. Just write about something you love.

Take the piece of content you made and stick it on a single webpage with an opt-in form. With todays web platforms this is so stinking easy to do regardless of how technical you are. Seriously just Google it, its really really easy to make a squeeze page.

Or just pay someone $50 to make more for you. Money well spent.

Find your audience online. They are on Facebook (use ads). They are on forums.
They are reading blogs (contact the big blog owners). They are on YouTube.

Your audience is “your kinda people”.
The kinda people you would like to physically hang out with.. those are your customers.

Those are the people you go after. People who love what you love and want to get the most out of it.

You don’t have to “sell” to them. They are your friends.
Your emails should be informative, fun and most importantly.. conversational.

When you write emails to your list, remember that you are actually writing to one person. The reader.

You are talking directly to the reader. And with that in mind it’s a whole lot easier to open up and write good emails because you are simply having a conversation with a friend, telling him about something you know.

There’s a lot of talk about having a customer “avatar”.
The “experts” say that you should write down on paper your ideal prospect.
List out all their traits and blah blah blah.

Here’s my take on it and here is what I do…

Let’s say that I’ve built a list in the bass fishing niche. (and I have)
I really love bass fishing. I do. And I like the people too.

When you are going after something you like.. you know what the people are like. Your friends that you hang out with that enjoy the same thing. That is who you are writing to in your emails.

I make up a guy in my head.. the ideal guy I would envision talking to and hanging around.
I see his face in my mind. He’s a friend.

That guy is the person I write all my emails to. He is my subscriber.

So when you build a list, you think of that person in your head and that is who you write to.
That’s the sure fire way to know you are writing to and building a list of the right people.

Sometimes it’s a real person.

I’ve written emails when I had a specific subscriber that replied to me in mind.
There is so much inspiration all around you. The selling just comes naturally.

They will stay on your list and love you and enjoy the ride with you. Make them a part of it.
They will pay your bills, they will share you with their friends… As long as you put them in front of everything else.

Hope this is inspiring to you.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.


P.S. If you need some help building a list in IM niche, check out my video case study here.


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  • David Pitts

    Good Stuff Jeremy: This is the basic kind of info that we can easily lose sight of in quest for online success. We need these constant reminders to help stay on track. Thanks!

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      That’s a great point David. It’s not at all hard to get distracted these days but focus on keeping a list together.

      Here’s another tidbit to chew on… there are OTHER types of lists out there as well.
      For example, Retargeting Lists (google it), Social media follower lists (big audiences here mean huge engagement,
      like YouTube, a large subscriber list on YouTube is almost as good as email especially with the virility.

      But with a YouTube list, you would STILL want to send those people to your squeeze page to get on an email list.