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How To Enjoy Making Money With Your Interests

January 9, 2015 @ 3:23 pm
by Jeremy Kennedy

My favorite quote of all time was coined by late great Zig Ziglar.

He said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is not an “inspirational” post, this is about making money… but it’s about doing something you love to make it.

Let’s say you are hanging out with your best friend. The one you tell all your secrets to and loves all the same stuff you do. What do you talk about? What do you love talking about with, well, anyone?

Mine is “business”. And I’ll admit to a fault, I LOVE to talk casually about growing businesses and latest trends. Sometimes all I care is that someone is listening as long as I’m talking about it.

If that other person is equally as interested then we are having one hell of a conversation.
(Thats why I love attending live events)

There’s something that is like that for you. Something you just LOVE to talk about.

THAT topic is YOUR niche. Niche research, done.

The only product you need to sell is content. In the information marketing business, online, content rules and big bucks are paid out to those who bring great content to a community of passionate people.

What you are doing is teaching.

You are teaching others about what you love. Just talking about it with text, or video, or audio.

Simply creating content. Emails. Blog posts. Ebooks. Short Reports… All of them just talking about the thing you love most.

You are sharing with others something they are ALREADY interested in learning. People who share your interests.

Who better to have as a customer base than a passionate group of peers who enjoy your interest.

My niche, my passion is online business. I love talking about it. I love teaching. I love learning.  I love it and I work hard because it’s mostly fun. And I’ve brought a full time living for over 5 years single handedly providing for my family of 4 with information and digital products.

But I also get to help others who share my interest.

You two very basic and inexpensive tools to run an information product business (for any niche).

You need a WordPress blog website. And you need an email autoresponder (like GetResponse).

Both are super cheap and equally important.

All your content goes on your website. When you add content to the site, you email your list of subscribers in your autoresponder (traffic on tap).

Content could be: A blog post, a video, an audio recording, an ebook/salespage… etc.

Your website is separated into two things.. Your main blog. And your sales funnels.

The blog is your “free content” that you just write on a regular basis cool stuff about your topic.

Fire up Word and write up about 7 or so pages on your subject. Just cool tips and fun stuff.

Save it as a PDF and give it away as a short report on your blog using an optin box linked to your autoresponder.

Now write another ebook, 14 pages or so. Or maybe shoot a quick video. Maybe you play the guitar and your content is better suited for video. Make a couple 15 minute videos, give it a name, write a quick sales letter and you are in business.

Use WarriorPlus.com to link up the buy buttons to your paypal and sync up your autoresponder so that all buyers are automatically added to your email list.

Once they are on your list you just sent them cool emails (and promotional emails).

Every time I write a blog post, I mail it out to my list. This gives #1 value and #2 a sense that I’m actually passionate about this stuff and want to help.

I offer discussion opportunities in the comments below, so I can build a relationship with my subscribers.

And from time to time I send emails that is recommending a tool or info report that I use or think would help. And your subscribers will actually be “happy” to spend money with you.

Otherwise it would not have supported me & my family for years. My list pays my bills and has supported us from day one. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, thank you, I love you. If not, you can go here and sign up (I have a cool audio report for you free as well).

You can do this in any niche. Whatever your interest, others are interested in it to. If you’ve ever bought something related to your interests then you know you can make money, as others will buy from you.

At this point all you need is traffic.

But traffic is no good without content. Start creating content RIGHT NOW.

We are going to touch on traffic soon.

This coming Sunday, January 11th at 5pm EST I’m going to release a new report called the “Billion View Reveal”.

In the report I’m going to expose you to a whole new source of traffic where you can tap into 16 BILLION page views a month in thousands of niches.

Here’s the earlybird preview.

What do you LOVE to talk about? Let me know in the discussion below.

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  • Andrea Korin

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you put together.

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      Thanks Andrea!

  • Jameel

    Hey Jeremy, I have listened to your youtube video of 72 hour special and your soundcloud podcast. Both of which were extremely helpful and provided ton of value so I want to start by saying Thank you. I would be grateful if you can help me with my online marketing journey as I have just started and looking for some sort of direction. I have send you an E-mail on jeremy@themilliondollarmarketer.com. Can you please read it and get back to me. Thank you very much :)