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Niche Forums Are A Goldmine

January 3, 2015 @ 6:26 am
by Jeremy Kennedy

One of my guilty pleasures is to go spend a day in quiet bliss by the riverside or on the brim of a lake. And if I’m there I might as well be fishing :-)

I could talk about bass fishing all day. And that led me to discover BassFishingForums.com

Now hold on.. this IS going somewhere.

It’s an extremely if not THE most popular forum on the net around the topic of fishing specifically for bass, crappie & bream.
Which means not only is it niche, it’s sub-niche which means we can really zero in.

There are forums like this for almost every niche.

Check out the sats for BassFishingForum.com:


fishing forumstats 2

That’s a lot of people you could tap into. Some niche forums are even bigger.

They also have a “fishing flea market” section, it’s an online marketplace for buying and selling all kinds of  fishing related items and equipment.

Now if I were REALLY into this stuff, I could easily come in here and capture a good portion of the market.

They even have a “Bass Clubs” section so I could even create a local bass club and charge for membership.

The point is whatever your niche may be, you can likely find a forum for it. A popular one. Most high traffic forums will typically have some sort of marketplace that fits within that niche.

If there is healthy there posting then those marketplaces can be gold mines within your niche.
Just as WSO offers are on the WarriorForum for the internet marketing niche.

Using the signature to add a link to your site is an “oldie but goodie”.

Plus you have immediate access to a very active portion of your community which can lead to invaluable business & personal partnerships and friendships.

Connecting with the right people can bring serious reward.

I wrote this because I feel many of us drift into Facebook and social media and have forgotten how powerful using forums in your interests for your business can be.

So today, go out and do a quick search on google for “insert your niche here forum” and post your findings in the comments below.

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  • What you say is all too true as the ‘latest and greatest’ way to make a bomb on social media are sold more and more frequently – but are really rehash and ‘old’ tricks dressed as new. There are no new tricks really are there? Just new platforms to use the same old working methods on.

    • Jeremy Kennedy

      You don’t really need new tricks. The old time-tested methods still work well and probably will for a long time.
      In the end it’s just tapping into your niche via one channel or another.

  • Jeremy Kennedy

    How’s it going guys?