The 48 Hour Golden Ticket

Discover How To Effortlessly Create A
$197 Offer In 48 Hours Or Less

And Add A $47 Recurring Upsell With A Just A Few Paragraphs...
No Technical or IM Experience Required.

Jeremy KennedyHey, I'm Jeremy Kennedy and I want to share with you my personal method for quickly creating a mid to high ticket product in just a few hours time... without creating a bunch of content up front.

It took me a few years in this business to realize that a crucial key to creating wealth is actively focusing on higher price points while spending less time working.

But just like you, when I started out, I was afraid that this was WAY above my head. I honestly didn't think I had enough value that people would pay the higher prices.

Boy was I wrong. And you are kidding yourself if you think the same.

Regardless of your passion or niche or focus, you absolutely positively have the ability to command higher prices while OVER delivering the value.

And today, I'm going to show you exactly how to do it WITHOUT wasting a bunch of time or spending over $10 upfront.

But before we get to that, I know what you're thinking....
"Sure you can talk about it, but have you done it?" Absolutely.

In fact, I created a program in less than 8 hours total and immediately started selling it for $197 + $47 recurring upsell.

Take a look:



Now, for me, that puts food on the table. It helps take care of my 2 boys & my wife.

We aren't "rich". We are "wealthy". Not only does our business pay the bills, it allows up the time & freedom to enjoy life together.

How about you? If you could get regular payments like that.. spending only 2 hours a week doing this... Literally 2 hours, maybe 3 if you type slow. Would that help you out?

Would you be willing to spend the next 48 hours & 3 hours a week to get $197 payments into your account? How about adding on an extra 2 hours a week to put $47 monthly recurring payments in there?

Yeah, I know, it would probably be life changing. That's because it is.

This also opens the door and helps you realize that it doesn't have to stop there. In fact, once you understand the core fundamentals of this method, you'l know how you can kick it up to $2,500 payments or more.

The sky is literally the limit.

My favorite part about this method is you are unrestricted by niche. You can take this into any niche or genre you want. Niches outside of "make money online" will pay even MORE.

Are you a guitar player and want to share your talent?
Do you love to talk about cutting edge social media trends?
Get fired up about golf and want to tell others why they suck and how to save some strokes?

You are getting the opportunity to share that information with others for a full time income.

If you can write a few paragraphs each week, maybe you like to do a video a week, perhaps you want to just talk into your voice recorder for 30 mins a week.

If you can do that you can do this. Simple as that.

And of course what's an offer without traffic? No worries, I'll tell you how to get traffic too.
Using tried and true traffic methods that don't cost a dime out of pocket.

There's honestly no need for a special "trick" for traffic. I only use reliable sources that always convert the highest.

So what exactly are you getting here?

  • My copy/implement blueprint to have a $197 offer up and selling within 48 hours
  • Simple instructions for putting extra $47/month recurring payments in your pocket
  • My own sales letter that you can use as a template for your own
  • My time tested traffic methods that put highly targeted buyers in front of your offer at no cost
  • All in a short, easy to read & actionable pdf that'll take you only 15 minutes to read

The Risk Is On Me Guarantee

Let's face it. You can't go spending your money without results, and I wouldn't expect you to. If you are not completely satisfied with my product I will gladly send you a full refund and wish you well. I'm a man of my word this is my personal promise to you.

Now you might be expecting to pay an arm and a leg for this information. After all, with just one sale you can make $197. If you got just 10 sales you'd make just shy of $2,000.

It would a no-brainer to charge somewhere in that neighborhood.

But it's not always just about the money. I realize you have a lot on your plate. You may not have much money to work with. So I want to help you get start by providing a minimal barrier to entry.

While I could ethically charge $197 for this information,
I'm going to let you have it at a very low cost.

 The price will rise with each sale.


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