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The OTHER Lists

December 18, 2014 @ 5:09 pm
by Jeremy Kennedy

In my last post I talked about the importance of having an email list.

A comment on the post struckĀ up a whole new thought that I want to share with you.. something you may not have realized in this way before.

Sure, it’s important to have and email list… but there are OTHER types of lists out there as well.

For example, a social media following “list”. YouTube, for one, offers people to be able to subscribe to your “channel”. Those people get notified every time you post a new video on YouTube.

This is almost as powerful if not sometimes even more when you have large numbers subscribed, particularly with the virility of Youtube and your videos working hard FOR you and building that subscriber list while you just sit back and make videos.

… Fewf, that was a mouthful …

But even with a YouTube list, you would STILL want to direct those followers to a squeeze page to opt in to your email list.

This is true with many other types of social media. Big bad blue will allow your to build massive followings on pages and groups. (Be very careful that you don’t RELY on those as your list, get those people onto email immediately, trust me).

Twitter followers get a bad rep but let me tell you, if you build the right audience of followers on Twitter, the RIGHT way.. it’s traffic heaven and the virility can be EXPLOSIVE.

These are all just different kinds of “lists”. Anything that will let you collectively send some type of notification to a group of people.

Use these lists as tools to build your email list.

Sometimes it’s easier to get youtube followers or twitter followers or grow a page… Sometimes it’s easier to target that way. But you want that follower list to act as a bridge to your email list and let your email list reserve for the larger portion of your revenues.

Because those people have then opted-in to not just one but two different means of following you, they will be the most responsive when selling higher priced items.

OHHhhh, there is yet another type of list…

A “retargeting” list. I’m not going to go into propeller head detail here but retargeting is a means of advertising to people who have visited one of your websites or pages.

A retargeting pixel code is placed on your website page (it’s literally copy/paste). Everyone who visits that page gets a cookie put on their computer that tags them to your retargeting list.

Google Adwords offers retargeting options for example, but there are many massive networks.

But in the example of Google, let’s say your visitor goes and browses the web. Basically everywhere you see “ads by google” banners (just about every site on the internet), you can be advertising to that person.

Your ads basically follow that person around the web with your ads, wherever they go.

And they have NO idea who is advertising to them (unless your ad says so). All they see is regular ol ads on websites, as usual.

You can advertise anything you want (within Google’s terms of course) anytime you want for as long as you want.

Just the other day I launched a product and put over 10,000 people one of my retargeting lists.
There were over 10k visitors to my page, they all got cookied.

Now I can run any ads I want to all of them.

Now you may be thinking.. ok, this is going to cost an arm and a leg. But actually, retargeting is one of the CHEAPEST forms of advertising around. Seriously. For literal pennies on the dollar you can advertise to your list day after day.

$50 can go a long way with retargeting. And it can earn you oh so much more.

Do you have any “other” lists? Am I missing one? Point it out in the comments below!


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